In the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown we have decided to run a competition to find the best Cymru Leagues ground of the 2019/20 season. It will be run similarly to the regular cup competition football, so this is how it will work: Preliminary Round: Due to the Cymru North running 17 teams this season, to even it out we have decided to add a preliminary round. This will be a single ‘tie’ between the Cymru North’s two lowest capacity grounds. In a situation where two or more grounds have the same capacity, current league positions will play a part with the team lowest in the standings entering in this round. Round 1: To be able to get a format of 32 teams, followed by 16, 8 and so on. Round 1 will see 12 teams from both tier 2 leagues entering in this round along with the winners of our preliminary round. The same strategy will be followed where all but the top 4 teams in terms of ground capacity will be entered. When two or more teams are joint, once again current league position will come into affect where the lowest placed teams will be chosen. In this round, teams from the same league cannot he drawn against each other.

Round 2 +: 32 teams will enter this round, the 12 R1 winners as well as the top 4 teams remaining from the Cymru North & South. Also entering this round will be the 12 Cymru Premier sides from this season. From then on it will be a straight knockout tournament with no draw restrictions. All draws will be at random to avoid any confusion or bias.  The Preliminary Round will be live from tonight for you to be able to cast your vote, with Round 1 starting from tomorrow.  We hope all of our followers and supporters of the page are well at this time and are continuing to support the measures currently in place to target the current pandemic.

Thank you, Team TIWF. 

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