About This is Welsh Football

This is Welsh Football was founded in January 2018 by Callum Howen and Sion Williams following a name change from Non-League United, and began focusing solely on the Welsh game.

The duo successfully steered the page to the end of the 2017/18 season before acquiring the services of Daniel Hilton, this now saw the page ran by three teenagers. 


With nothing more than a twitter page and a bulk of ambition, the three set up a secondary page, known as This is Welsh Football Live. The purpose of this was to have all of the football related coverage aspect on the other. Three were skeptical at first as to whether this page would be a positive inclusion however by December 2018, TIWF Live had overtaken the 'main' page in terms of following. It was at this point that the decision was then made to merge the two pages together to create what TIWF is known as today.


Twelve months after TIWF was formed, the page hit a milestone of 2,000 followers. This quickly became 3,000 in August 2019 following the European qualifiers. Our most successful period however has been during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. After discussions, it was decided that we would put together a scheme to keep the coverage coming throughout the lockdown and give a feel that football never went away. 

In terms of the future of the page, we would simply like to continue for as long as possible as it is something we all enjoy as a team for no other reason than our love for the game. Here at TIWF, we see it as an opportunity to repay clubs for all of the effort that goes in to creating what could be classed as 'community hubs', up and down the country. None of us would have imagined that we would have had the success that we have had and we hope that this continues into the future. Like every other site, we too set ourselves targets that we aim towards for the end of each season however it is safe to say that we do it for the same reason as everyone else, to put Welsh football on the map.